Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Day 193

Hey, so Chynna is in Taiwan

To catch you up on what has happened thus far, I am going to post my journal entries from the last few days. Starting the day that I left the states. It may be a lot to read, so if you just want to pick a day... feel free to scroll down and find the bold dates :) Bless you all.

Only have written day 1 & 2... will write the rest later. Now I am going to spend some time in a night market near Alicia's. BLESSINGS!!!

December 10, 2011
About to leave for Taiwan. Thank You, Lord, for this opportunity. Let Your will be done above all else. Receive glory through me today.
Bless Alicia.
Bless Callum.
Bless Rob & Ashley.

Today so far... First off, I did not sleep last night because Alicia and I concluded that would help me stay on Taiwan's schedule. Around three forty-five, we left for the airport. Mom and Alex left at the bag check. From there, I got on the plane to Dallas There was a cute, young African American girl sitting behind me. The flight attendant was really rude to her and intentionally dishonored her several times. After a while of hearing them be disrespectful to one another, I felt the need to write this young lady a note. So I did. I handed it to her and spent the rest of the flight looking out the window. It was obvious to me that she read the note, because I heard it go in and out of the envelope. She started crying and sniffled the rest of the trip. I believe God used me to encourage this young lady, to God be the glory.
Getting to Dallas was nice and I was so ready to get to L.A. so that I could sleep. We loaded the plane (and it had so much more space than the first plane). I had the window seat, so two people had to get out of my way so that I could get in. They were really kind. The guy next to me immediately asked me questions concerning my flight, future, degree, dreams and so on. Every question he asked made me smile and every answer I gave made him laugh. After a while he explained to me that his parents are missionaries, he also studied theology, his sister had done work in Africa and he had connections in Australia. We were both glad that God had put us in each others path. The whole meeting was neat. Then while we were talking, they made us leave the plane because of maintenance issues. This changed everything for me because it was making me late for my flight from L.A. to Tokyo. I waited in a really long line... and while waiting, I met the most beautiful young woman. Her name was Beth. We both talked about how we were confident in our future. We rejoiced in God's plan for our lives. It was sweet. Beth believes her boyfriend, Carson, was going to propose to her while they were in California visiting his family. That is so beautiful! They were both twenty. Meeting Beth blessed me and as I walked to the desk to figure out my flight adjustments, she said "Continue to shine for Him" and we hugged. I hope to meet her again.
After that, well... I had to talk with the flight attendants about getting my flight moved. The lady helping me seemed so ready to be done helping everyone. She ended up switching my flight to Dallas to San Francisco to Taiwan. This made it where instead of getting there at midnight, I am getting there at six a.m. the next morning. I will not be leaving San Francisco until midnight. Goodness. If you remember, I did not sleep today or last night- so when she said all of this I just looked back into her eyes and cried. Imagine this, half the people in the line with me could not speak English... tears were everywhere, we all seemed insecure and uncertain. For about ten minutes I watched this lady reschedule my flight and I cried the entire time. When they called for the flight that I was originally on to head to a different terminal, Josh Chapman came up to me to make sure everything worked out. He was so sweet. It was nice to have him looking out for me; it seemed like he was my big brother. Hopefully he makes it to his girlfriends performance on time (Josh was the one whose parents are missionaries).
After getting my new tickets, I called mom and was extremely emotional. Cried the whole time. She gave me direction on what to do and said she would call every hour. She has.
Logan sent me a text message and said, "He walks right by my side. He promised to be my guide." He was asking if I knew the song. I said no but that I needed to hear that. It was perfect timing.
-Alicia said this in response to my new flight, "Chynna this is actually kind of awesome. I feel His blessing in this too. Just got home from such a fun night with coworkers. My gift is so for you! You'll freak out when u find out how specific God's provision is for you in the gift that I won!!!" Haha! I thought it would be inconvenient for her to pick me up and she said it was better! Wow, praise God. Amen.
I called Taylor-as she asked-she encouraged me and reminded me that God has plans to use me in San Francisco. I am excited to see what God has planned.

Thankful for: the unexpected, the tears, Josh Chapman, Beth, mom, Alicia Conn, Logan and Taylor.

Currently waiting to leave Dallas- 2 hrs.

I have been in San Francisco for so long. It will be eight hours when I finally leave. This has been an unpleasant last hour. The day was good because mom called a few times, Mary Cate called, Taylor called, Lulu and I talked, Cal texted a bit, I was able to walk around (purchased and umbrella) and I had the opportunity to go to a quiet room and pray. The peace of God covered me in that room and it was beautiful.
Thirty minutes later, I was checking my bags with China Airlines and they only let me take one on the plane. I had to pay for the other. I could not find the information I needed for my flight back and they had a hard time believing I am "Chynna Lee" when returning my credit card. Everyone around me, flying with China Airlines, had the same last name as me. After all that, I spent a good deal crying. Security asked me to stop crying. He said I would be going home soon enough.
It wasn't until Callum said, "Chynna I am praying now. Sweetie, trust in Him alone whose plans are woven with love and the love of the Gospel. 'Our God is in heaven, he does whatever he pleases' psalm 115:3" that I actually calmed down. Then Preston told me he was praying and Bailey sent word out to pray for me. I am so overwhelmed with His love. Unworthy of such kindness.
Thank You, Lord.
Be with this flight. Amen.


December 12

Before I begin knitting, I would like to praise the Lord and document what He has done during this trip so far. The flight- I fell asleep before the plane took off. About an hour into it, I woke up to eat. Fell back asleep. Woke up after eight hours. The young man next to me asked if I was well rested; he was commenting on the fact that I had slept heaps (He was sitting two seats over). He formally introduced himself as Mike and told me he was headed home. Kim, the young lady sitting right next to me, spoke up. We all talked of our final destination and how we planned to spend our time. Kim was headed home for an emergency trip (Vietnam) because her mother was diagnosed with cancer (which, she did not tell me this until after our discussion on Christianity).
Mike boldly asked me questions and spoke of his Buddhist beliefs. The entire conversation, God filled me with the words to say and wisdom from on high. Thank You, Lord.
After a while of questioning, finding out my beliefs, major, heart and future plans, Mike mentioned that most Buddhists believe in Buddha because of their parents. He said he did. Mike also commented on the fact that many Christians believe because their parents believe; He asked me why I believe in Christianity. Wow! I shared my testimony followed by the miracles I have seen Jesus do. Thankfully my testimony does not end with God setting me free from the bondage I had to sin. Glory be to God in the highest.
When I shared with Mike and Kim about the time Rich Ford asked me to pray over her and how she was cancer free afterwards, Kim told me that her mother has cancer. She said that someone in the states told her to pray over her mom, but that she did not believe. I encouraged Kim to pray in the name of Jesus after explaining to her that God is love and so loves all of His creation. Hopefully she is able to see the powerful hand of Jesus in her mothers life.
Father God, thank You for my new friend Kim. Thank You for using me to spread Your love and truth. Please use every word that I spoke. Be glorified in her life. Remind her of the truth that Jesus in the only way to have fellowship with You. Send Your holy people to lead Kim in the way everlasting. Heal her mother, because You can. Be glorified in her healing. Oh that this healing would be a doorway for Salvation. Amen.

I began to really like Kim. She is precious to me. Hopefully I will know her again someday.

The entire flight (I nearly said "flight home") was beautiful and filled with grace.
Mike told me that I need to be a religion teacher. He mentioned that I taught clearly and with an understanding. That blessed me. My hope is not that Mike was impressed with me, or that he even remembers my name, but that instead... somehow, he believes in Jesus and lets go (completely) of the Buddhist faith. Lord, meet him and save him. Amen.
At one point, Kim snuggled up close to me and held my arm. She looked into my eyes and giggled a little. It was a precious moment. Somehow, in that moment, it felt as if I had known Kim my whole life. As if, she was family. Oh Lord, allow her to be adopted into Your perfect family. For the glory and praise of Jesus. Amen.
At the end of the flight, I hugged Kim goodbye and headed towards customs.

When I finally saw Alicia, it seemed unreal. She came up behind me calling my name. I stopped right there in unbelief. Our meeting was precious. Thank You Lord.
From the airport, we took a bus, then a taxi to her home!! Once at her home we unpacked, cleaned up & put on makeup, and set up the Christmas tree. Alicia skyped her mom and thanked her a bunch. I called my mom (on this app I got today "Magic Jack"). Mom said it was a bad connection, but I was glad to tell her I was safe. She said she knew I was safe when she had a clear vision of Alicia's face. Thank You Lord.

While at her home, Alicia gave me many things. She has given me money to spend on food. As much as I wanted to tell her I could not receive it, I knew it was God providing. Thank You Father.

She always gave me a card to swipe for the bus, an "Aroma" mug, soap that her landlord made, and two really nice pens that you can only get in Taiwan (I am using one now).
We then took a train, to a bus, which dropped us off at her work. We ate lunch at a delicious cafe. The spaghetti was wonderful; the best I have ever had. That says a lot. Then we went to a seven eleven so I could get something much needed. After that Alicia dropped me off at Starbucks!!! :) It is two, she is coming by @ four to take her break with me. Until then I will order coffee, knit (start on Alicia's scarf) and just enjoy Taiwan.
Thank You Lord.

Wow! I think I just saw an American :)

I was able to knit, read, pray and just enjoy the silence for a while. Alicia came by on her break. I then walked with her down to a shop full of neat items. She went back to work. We are supposed to meet at Starbucks at six thirty, which is an hour from now.
My body is starting to feel tired. Most likely because of the serious lack of sleep these past couple of days.
I am currently sitting outside of Starbucks. There is an area, which is apart of the coffee shop, with really large comfy chairs and cute wooden tables. On one of the tables, the one closest to me, there is a no smoking sign (I love that). Out here, a lot is going on. There are cars, buses and scooters flying by. People are walking up and down these streets. Starbucks is playing a really jazzy song. Believe it or not, it actually pretty peaceful out here. All of Taiwan has been pretty peaceful actually.

Lord, I pray that every part of my trip is filled with purpose. Use me for Your glory, even when I cannot see Your plan. Father, take control of my life. It is Yours. Use it for Your glory. Amen.
Thank You Jesus.

My phone has not been working since I have been in Taiwan. At Alicias, I will pick up the wireless internet connection so I am able to get online and send/receive Imessage(s). Other than that, it is not picking up service. At&t said it would work, but it has not.

Carry peace and love. Rely on Him who is above!!!

(For anyone wondering, I did not skip a day in my journal... the time difference caused me to miss a whole day on the calender :)... that is my favorite part about traveling all the way across the world)


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