Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Day Two Hundred & Six.

Day 206.

Day one back in America (I will write of Taiwan & the plane ride home ASAP)
-slept 8 hours last night
-woke up around 7
-prayed, showered, read the Bible
-talked with Callum
-talked with Alicia
-went out with mom & Alex/ate panera bread 
-attempted to grocery shop @ Publix
-came back to moms
-slept until 9 p.m.
-woke up, ate some bread & gingerbread cookies
-talked with mom about nuns, levitation & a dream she had of me

•the one time I went out today, I felt very out of place. I ordered soup at Panera Bread Company. As I placed the bowl right under my mouth & used the spoon to guide the soup into my mouth, I looked up only to find people watching me. It was then that I noticed, every one else with soup had their bowl on the table. 
•staying in was similar... I had to go to the restroom & immediately following that, I put the toilet paper in the trash can. Later, I realized what I had done. 
•my clothes smell like Taiwan, the food here tastes foreign & everything seems so different from when I left
•even at the grocery store I had a difficult time. The lights were so bright, the people were so different. I must have seemed strange, because mom kept asking "what happened?" "did something happen?" and eventually we just left. 
•also, every here speaks English. 
•everyone here wants an answer & I don't have any answers yet

One thing I do know is that I fall short, so often. God is constantly revealing Himself as perfect. This exposes my imperfections, but hallelujah. He is glorified in my weakness. He is. He is. Amen.

Thankful for: God, mom, Alex, Alicia, Ashley, Callum, sleep

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