Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Day Two Hundred & Forty Six.

DAY 246

It's a beautiful day. I was feeling very sick yesterday, but am feeling MUCH better today!! Hallelujah. It is always nice to fall asleep with a mean headache and a rough sore throat and wake up not feeling any of the previous days pains. So nice!! Praise God for always renewing and refreshing us. God is our healer. Thank you to all who have prayed for me. On the way to school this morning I heard "many people have been praying for you" so thank you :) God is so sweet to allow you all to pray for me, especially in my weakness. Praise Him!!! May He be strong in you today, as He is strong in me now.

My alarm was not loud enough!! Either that, or my dreams were much louder!! So, I got to school an hour after my first class started and missed the entire class. It's okay though. I was so grateful that God gave me the energy to get up and go to school!!! :) Woohoo.

International Relations was good. We talked about World War I. YAY for History tying itself into everything! It really was a good class. Now, I have a five hour break until class tonight... ANCIENT HISTORY!!! So, I need to study a bit about philosophy, myth and fact... that way I'll be prepared!

Today has been a day full of grace, but what day isn't? "Out of the fullness of God's grace we have all received one blessing after another" John 1:16.

In Mobile, it is nice and warm. I went from wearing thick pants and long sleeves to shorts and a thin sweater :) Oh the beauty of Mobile weather. Never makes up it's mind... inconsistency is Mobile weathers theme song :) In case you were wondering.

You know, God is faithful. He is always around, waiting on and desiring us. His love cannot be compared to anything, even though many things can be compared to His love. Because He is love, all things came from Him. Wow. YES! God is LOVE. Love is the center of all things. Amen.

Hopefully you are allowing the Lord to pour His love over you and reveal Himself to you!!! Open your heart to His love, receive Him in full. Amen!!! :)

I love you all. Will write soon... :)

Thankful for: school work, coffee, creamer, water, bacon, Brittany Gardner, Sywanna, and life.

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